What is Sustainate?

We develop ONLINE solutions FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE


Tripifier combines the freedom of travel with the importantance of a sustainable world!



Creating innovative sustainable web solutions

About Us


Sustainate is a social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being.

This may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders.



The mission for us at Sustainate is to use online technology to facilitate positive changes around the world.

By developing sustainable web based solutions are we taking responsibility for our common future! Join us and use our services for an better tomorrow!


My favorite green products from 2019

These are the items I'd buy again because they're well made and make our world a better, cleaner place. Thanks...
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American meat will never be welcome in the UK

Britons have received some reassuring news from their environment secretary. After years of debate over whether or not chlorine-washed chicken...
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ZeroAvia Bets On Hydrogen For Electric Air Travel

Is hydrogen the best path to zero emission flight? When I first sat down with ZeroAvia founder, Valery Miftakhov, to...
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Guardian climate pledge 2019: ‘With air travel, it’s best to take a flexitarian approach’

We recently published a guide to Helsinki in which we gave details of how to get there and back without...
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Volvo Polestar Exec Says Tesla Is Way Ahead In Terms Of Efficiency

This comes as no surprise, and hopefully, it keeps lighting a fire under the competition. Legacy automakers, as well as...
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UK harvests its first crop of chickpeas

This is precisely the kind of healthy, sustainable agriculture we should be trying to expand globally. Some exciting news has...
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Offsetting carbon emissions: ‘It has proved a minefield’

Here’s the problem: in two months’ time I must travel to Malawi in southern Africa to help Gumbi Education, a...
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Dutch airline KLM calls for people to fly less

Dutch airline KLM has launched a campaign asking people to fly less. The video and open letter from CEO Pieter...
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Lithium Werks To Build Battery Gigafactory In China

Lithium Werks, a Dutch energy storage company, is the latest who would like to catch onto the growing demand for...
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World’s first floating dairy farm comes to Rotterdam

Let's hope cows don't get seasick The city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is about to become home to the...
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We only have one earth and one future. It’s time to make the smart choices now, not later, or never. Join us on an amazing journey where we dedicate our know-how to create a sustainable way of living through techonology. Let’s Sustainate!

- Thomas Axelsson, Founder