Global August Sales: Model 3 Dominates, Tesla #1 Overall

Global August Sales: Model 3 Dominates, Tesla #1 Overall

Tesla takes all the wins! #1 in model and manufacturer rank, for the month and for the year

EV Sales Blog just released its global statistics on plug-in electric car sales for the month of August 2018, so we can finally check all of the standings.

In August, over 172,400 plug-in cars were sold globally, which is 76% more than a year ago and almost a record (174,000 were sold in December 2017). A new record is expected soon. Like maybe next month.

The cumulative number for the year, after the first eight months, stands at 1,079,000 (up 69% year-over-year) at 1.7% market share.

The best selling model for the month is the Tesla Model 3 with record 18,300 (estimated). This massive figure enabled it to take the lead for the year too with 59,305 after eight months.

No other model even came close to half of Model 3 sales.

It means that the Nissan LEAF is now second best for the year with 56,773 sales (7,334 in August).

The third is the Chinese BAIC EC-Series with 43,434 (including 3,028 in August), which is expected to accelerate later this year thanks to the release of a new version.

In the case of manufacturer rank. Tesla again took #1 for the month with a record 25,793 (estimated) and for the year (115,631).

Despite keeping pace and setting its own record, BYD still can’t keep up with Tesla.

  • Tesla: 25,793 (115,631 YTD)
  • BYD: 20,846 (110,516 YTD)
  • BAIC: 9,522 (78,549 YTD)

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM

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